Close of the Weekend

Close of the Weekend

This weekend and latter half of the week got away from me.  I didn’t mean to  go so long in between posts, but I can’t change that now.

Tuesday the 20th was my birthday, but I didn’t really do much.  I worked that night and the following night, Wednesday, but I took off Thursday night.  Add that night off to my normal Friday and Saturday nights off, and I got a 3-day weekend.  The weather was nice and I got to hangout with friends several times, so overall it was a good weekend.

Friday morning I had to drive to Dallas to finalize the eviction of a tenant.  This is never fun to do, but since she wasn’t paying rent at all and had basically moved out of the house, but left her stuff inside, we had to go through legal channels to get her removed.  It only took Emily and I about an hour to move out the remaining items in the house, and we stacked them in the front yard on the curb.  This is the practice authorized by the County Constable’s office.  Hopefully the neighbors came by and took all her stuff so that it doesn’t sit on the curb too long.

Immediately following the clean out of this rent house, I went and got a new tattoo as a birthday gift to myself.  This one is located on the outside of my left forearm.  I’ve been wanting a sword-and-shield tattoo for a while to signify the Armor of God passage in Ephesians.  I found this design online a couple of months back and decided to get it done as a tatt.  The next step will be filling in the area between my 3 tattoos on my left forearms to complete a sleeve.  I’m not sure what fill-in I want to do yet; right now I am thinking about a rose bush with an abundant supply of thorns, but I am not 100% certain.

Friday night we went to see October Baby.  This was a really good flic.  It was the story of a young girl who found out that she was adopted, and above all, that her birth mother had tried to abort her.  The main star had lots of health issues as a result of this, and its a story of her trying to find her birth mother and learn more about herself.  It was a good pro-life story.  It wasn’t in-your-face or overbearing in any way, it was just a true-to-life tale of people’s lives.  Its a good family film, I’d recommend it to anyone of any age.

Saturday I went to a gun show in Irving with my dad and also a friend from church.  The Irving show was somewhat of a disappointment, in my opinion.  They had plenty of tables there, but the number of pistol tables seemed skimpy.  Only 3, that I recall.  They had several AR15 and assault rifle tables, but other than these, it was mostly the outdoorsman-survival-kit-stuff that you always see at gun shows.  I don’t mind this stuff, in fact some of it I take a real interest in, but I go to a gun show to see guns.  This show just wasn’t the greatest one in this area.

Saturday evening we met at Boomer Jack’s in Bedford for my annual birthday get-together.  I’ve done this each year for the last 3-4 years.  I invited people from work and other friends, and we go to Boomers for cheap beer prices and because they allow cigar smoking on the patio.  The weather this weekend was perfect for it.

Sunday night was the Night of Worship at FOTP Keller.  They did this last year and it was a huge success, so this was the 2nd show.  It was 45-minutes of rockin’ worship music, played by members from all 3 campus bands of the FOTP family.  I can’t wait until we get our Grapevine building finished and we can host one at our location.


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