My Review of The Avengers

My Review of The Avengers

I just came back from the theater after seeing The Avengers – I worked last night during the overnight shift, as normal, so I was watching Twitter around 2am for people coming out of the midnight showing.  I saw nothing but positive feedback about the movie, so as soon as I woke up this morning, I headed to the theater.

The Twitter-hype was not wrong.  This is perhaps the greatest superhero/comic book movie to date.  The story picks up all of the heroes right where we left them in their previous movies, and it ties them all together for an epic story.  I really enjoy continuity and I hate when movies or books change plot lines to suit some other details they want to add to the story, which wasn’t part of the original.  The Avengers movie doesn’t do that at all.  Other than Mark Ruffalo playing the Hulk instead of Ed Norton, I saw no deviation from the previous movies.

And let me say, those of you who know me know that I am a huge Hulk fan;  I was not looking foward to Mark Ruffalo playing the role of Bruce Banner.  Not that I don’t think he is a fine actor, just because I wanted Ed Norton to continue his role from the previous movie.  Ed Norton played a great Bruce Banner.  However, I think Mark Ruffalo filled the shoes quite well.  I will be looking forward to a “Hulk 2” movie that stars Mr. Rufallo.

I’ll be going to see this movie again, for sure.  Here are some tips:

  1. Go to the bathroom before the show, and if you can, don’t buy a drink.  I should have followed my own advice on this one.  The movie is over 2 hours long and doesn’t slow down at very many places.  I had to pee twice during the show, so I missed a couple of the slower scenes.  But that gives me more reason to see it again.
  2. Stay until the end of the credits, like normal for these Marvel movies.

I can’t picture who the villain was that was shown at the opening of the credits, can someone tell me who that was supposed to be?

Conclusion:  The Avengers is going to be the biggest blockbuster of 2012.  It won’t win “picture of the year” but few blockbusters ever do.  However, I bet it will be on the top of the list for money-making films of 2012.


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