Installing Windows 98


That is the main question, right?  Why install Windows 98, which is, at the time of this post, a black_windows_98_flag_wall_1_by_slowdog294-d32ai6i15-year-old OS.  The simplest answer I can come up with is, “because I can”.

I’ve had my old Windows 98 computer under my desk for several years with no hard drive in it.  Hence, no OS either.  But I’ve always told myself that some day I would reinstall the old box, with Windows 98 as it once ran, and use it again.  I finally started to put this together last week.

The hardware all works fine, so far.  I am running a FIC motherboard with a AMD K62 500MHz CPU and 384MB of RAM.  The hard drive is an old Maxtor 2.1GB.  The unit also has a 3.5″ floppy drive and a 12x CD burner.

So far the hardest thing with the install has been to find the proper drivers for the motherboard, NIC and video card.  I found a motherboard CD on ebay for $8 and bought that, and it installed some bus drivers, etc…but it didn’t help with the (external to the motherboard) NIC or video card.  The video is stuck at 640×480 on the screen because the card drivers aren’t detected or installed by the OS, and it also doesn’t recognize the NIC, so I can’t get the box online.

I found some programs that might help me learn the specs of the system so that I can find the right drivers.  I am not 100% of the brand of the video card or the NIC, and usually running a program like Speccy can tell you detailed information about the hardware in a Windows OS, but the latest version of Speccy doesn’t work with Windows 98, of course.  I found this article which states that the beta version of Speccy in the review should work with Windows 98, so I am about to go try that.  If that doesn’t work, I’ll try another program I just now found called Belarc which I found reviewed at this page.

More to come later with updates to this project.

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