Dallas Ft Worth Amateur Radio Repeater List

Dallas Ft Worth Amateur Radio Repeater List

This is a repeater list that I have been working on for some time, but it is likely outdated because I haven’t made any updates to it in about a year.  I went through the Notes section just now and changed a few things but I think some of these frequencies are no longer active.  I will be testing each of these repeaters and updating the Notes section for each one.  Check back frequently for updates.  Any comments or info about any of these machines is welcome also.

1,145.400 -,N5EOC,110.9,Grapevine,Texas,NETARC
2,443.875 +,N5EOC,110.9,Grapevine,Texas,NETARC
3,146.860 -,WD5DBB,110.9,Arlington,Texas,
4,147.14 +,K5SLD,110.9,Arlington,Texas,Very Active Repeater – Linked to 224.8
-,224.8 +,K5SLD,110.9,Arlington,Texas,Linked to 147.14
-,224.90 -,WB0LII,110.9,Arlington,Texas,Update Lima Link System and linked to 145.27 Glen …
5,443.400 +,WD5DBB,110.9,Arlington,Texas,
6,444.2 +,K5SLD,100.0,Arlington,Texas,Changed PL to 100.0 in November and added IRLP
7,442.3 +,-,-,BEDFORD,Texas,
8,147.22 +,-,-,BOWIE,Texas,
9,442.450 +,KA5PQK,156.7,Bowie,Texas,WRG Link System – Bowie-Dallas-Decatur-Ft. Wort
10,146.82 -,-,-,BROWNWOOD,Texas,
11,145.21 -,N5MJQ,110.9,Carrollton,Texas,
12,147.32 +,K5MOT-2,146.2,Carrollton,Texas,UNVERIFIED
13,442.875 +,-,-,CARROLLTON,Texas,
14,444.875 +,K5MOT,146.2,Carrollton,Texas,
15,53.07 -,-,-,CARROLLTON,Texas,UNVERIFIED
16,441.9 +,W5RV,110.9,Colleyville,Texas,
17,441.600 +,KA1CWM,107.2,Coppell,Texas,D/FW Airport Local Open Repeater
18,441.800 +,ka1cwm,107.2,Coppell,Texas,Repeater is open-used by club members and the Community
19,444.225 +,K5CFD,110.9,Coppell,Texas,A very good repeater
20,145.190 -,KA5CTN,110.9,Dallas,Texas,This used to be on the tallest building in Dallas but now is hardly accessible
21,145.430 -,K5DM,110.9,Dallas,Texas,TIARC. Open repeater.
22,146.610 -,K5ZYZ,110.9,Dallas,Texas,In continuous operation since 1973 !!!!!…
23,146.880 -,W5FC,110.9,Dallas,Texas,Dallas Amateur Radio Club. Open Repeater. An Excellent Machine.
-,224.180 -,W5RDW,110.9,Dallas,Texas,Antenna at 350 ft. on tower. Covers North Dallas
-,224.70 -,N5TPS,127.3,Dallas,Texas,North Texas Repeater Association linked to Dallas
-,224.880 -,W5FC,110.9,Dallas,Texas,Dallas Amateur Radio Club
24,442.425 +,W5FC,110.9,Dallas,Texas,Dallas Amateur Radio Club. Open repeater
25,53.35 -,-,-,DALLAS,Texas,
26,145.39 -,-,-,DECATUR,Texas,…I don’t think this repeater exists anymore
27,444.400 +,KA5PQK,156.7,Decatur,Texas,WRG Link System – Bowie-Dallas-Decatur-Ft.Worth
28,146.920 -,W5NGU,110.9,Denton,Texas,Denton County Storm Watch
-,223.800 -,K5QA,110.9,Euless,Texas,Euless ARC Repeater — Linked to 442.900
-,224.56 -,-,-,EULESS,Texas,
29,442.900 +,K5QA,110.9,Euless,Texas,Euless ARC Repeater — Linked to 223.800
30,145.230 -,N5ERS,110.9,Flower Mound,Texas,linked to 444.850 and 927.875
31,444.850 +,N5ERS,110.9,Flower Mound,Texas,Open to all! Emergency power linked to 145.230
32,145.33 -,W5NRV,110.9,Haltom City,Texas,A very active repeater
33,146.94 -,K5FTW,110.9,Fort Worth,Texas,Tarrant County RACES Storm Watching
34,53.15 -,K5SXK,110.9,Fort Worth,Texas,
-,224.140 -,ka5gfh,156.7,Fort Worth,Texas,
-,224.32 -,W0BOD,-,Fort Worth,Texas,
-,224.42 -,W5SJZ,110.9,Fort Worth,Texas,Lockheed Martin ARC
-,224.68 -,W0BOD,103.5,Fort Worth,Texas,
-,224.94 -,K5FTW,110.9,Fort Worth,Texas,Fort Worth Texas VHF-FM Society…
35,53.35 -,WA5YST,127.3,Frisco,Texas,(DFW area) Open 6mtr rptr covering Dallas Fort-Wor…
36,147.100 +,W5HRC,110.9,HURST,Texas,I once held a QSO on this repeater and another operator came on to tell us it was a Closed machine
-,224.30 -,WB5TCD,110.9,Hurst,Texas,
37,442.85 +,K5JRR,110.9,Hurst,Texas,
38,443.575 +,WB5TCD,110.9,Hurst,Texas,
39,145.45 -,N2DFW,110.9,Irving,Texas,Update Owned by the DFW Repeater Association
40,146.72 -,WA5CKF,110.9,Irving,Texas,
-,224.40 -,WA5CKF,110.9,Irving,Texas,
41,442.675 +,WA5CKF,Irving,Texas,
42,146.840 -,KE5IGO,136.5,Kaufman,Texas,
43,147.2 +,-,-,KELLER,Texas,
44,29.660 -,W5DFW,-,Keller,Texas,DFW Remote Base Association OPEN 10m repeater
45,442.975 +,N5UA,-,Keller,Texas,Linked to N5CN HF & UHF remote baseYou might hear
46,145.17-,W5FKN,110.9,Lewisville,Texas,I used to talk on this machine all the time-good group of guys.
47,145.37 -,K5NRH,110.9,North Richland Hills,Texas,
-,223.94 -,W5URH,-,North Richland Hills,Texas,
48,147.18 +,WD5ERD,107.2,PLANO,Texas,This repeater is open to all amateur radio operators
49,147.12 +,-,-,RICHARDSON,Texas,
-,224.180 +,w5rd,110.9,Richardson,Texas,
-,224.28 -,N5LLH,-,Southlake,Texas,
50,442.175 +,N1OZ,110.9,Southlake,Texas,NETARC
51,444.700 +,N5EOC,110.9,Southlake,Texas,NETARC
52,147.380 +,K5LRK,110.9,The Colony,Texas,The Lake Area Amateur Radio Klub (LAARK) Repeater
53,442.750 +,KA5R,110.9,Trophy Club,Texas,Open Alliance Amateur Radio Club Repeater
54,146.660 -,K5QHD,110.9,Garland,Texas,Garland Amateur Radio Club
55,146.700,110.9,DALLAS,Texas,DFW Flame Thrower
56,145.490 -,WD5U,85.4,Rosston,Texas,
57,52.590 -,-,110.9,DALLAS,Texas,

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