Ham Radio Antenna Tower

Ham Radio Antenna Tower

I’ve decided that I want an antenna tower, but they are so expensive, at least for a new one, that I am weighing my options right now.Antenna Install 026 (Large)  I have found a few on craigslist, and a few more on ebay, but of course you have to pay for shipping on ebay.  Craigslist is local and you can drive to go pick it up, but some people have existing towers they want to sell and require you to take down yourself, which I am not crazy about doing.

For a brand new 30-40 foot tower, I could spend anywhere from $300-$1000.  I found one guy from Temple selling a 40-ft for $200, but I’ve emailed and called him and he isn’t responding, so I bet he has sold it.

People:  If you list an ad on Craigslist and then sell the item, removing the freaking ad!  It isn’t rocket science….

Anyway, I haven’t yet decided what I am going to do.  I could probably keep looking and find a good price for one on Craigslist, and that might be the way that I go, but I also have an idea for a homemade tower that I think I may try first.  I’ve already assembled a couple of versions of this tower, but in my mind I have a new version that it taller and more stable than my current setup.  It is built out of Galvanized pipe, normally used for water supply lines.  Here is a link to the brand/type at Lowes.

My ambition for this new configuration came to me after getting my hamshack setup, but also from the Antenna and Tower setup that KM5RF has.  I spoke to Maurice on the Arlington repeater the other night and he directed me to his website, and wow.  This is a bit extreme for my current location, but I think I can do something on a smaller scale .

I’ll post more about this as the project comes to fruition.

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