Opening Weekend of Deer Season 2014

Opening Weekend of Deer Season 2014

This past weekend began Deer Season 2014.  As usual, we had a fantastic time in the woods, but unfortunately the deer just weren’t moving yet.  We saw a few animals here and there, but nothing to write home about.

This year was the first year that we had setup some game cameras at several of the feeder locations.  We’ve had these running for the past few weeks, prior to opening weekend, and they revealed some good activity at various times of the day.  We have plenty of legal-sized bucks roaming around the area, along with lots of Doe, and even some hogs.  Our latest camera captures showed a pack of about 10 or so hogs that were feeding at 2 or 3 of the feeders.  They’ve basically discovered the location of each feeder and are making their way around the property.  I foresee some wild pork in my freezer again this year.

This is a photo I snapped of a spike that came up to one of the feeders this weekend.  He has a large-framed body, but his horns were strange.  I didn’t feel like shooting a spike this weekend, but I imagine he will be picked off at some point this season.

spike from crossroads

Friday night before opening day was Halloween, October 31.  We celebrated by burning some wood.  We set traps for witches in the field, but didn’t catch any this time.

campfire 20141101


I’ll be back this coming weekend and for the next several weekends afterwards, so be watching for some updated posts.

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