Category: Movies

  • Green Lantern Movie

    Yep, I went and saw the new movie last night.  It wasn’t opening night, of course, but it was still opening weekend.  And since it was a Sunday afternoon, with 102 degree Texas weather outside, the crowd inside the theater was somewhat large.  But I was able to find a good seat, right in the […]

  • Autobots….. TRANSFORM!!

    Yes, I admit…I am a child of the ’80s.  I remember very well in the 5th and 6th grade when the Transformers was the hottest cartoon on TV and that was all the guys my age talked about.   So when the movie was announced a few months ago, I was totally stoked. We went to […]

  • EMO Spider-Man 3

    Yes, I admit, Spider-man was a bit EMO.  Ok, I have said it and now that is done.  So what?  Is EMO so wrong?  Do Super-heroes not get to have a musical style?  Would you have rather seen a metal-head?  Or purple-heaired Spidey Punk?  EMO was fine with me.  Besides, it was the darn Venom […]