12pm:  Back from Kaufman.  Last night’s show of Les Miserables was pretty good.  We got back to the house around 11pm and spent the night in Kaufman with Emily’s folks again.  Got up this morning and had breakfast, then came back home around Noon.  I’ve spent the last couple of hours cleaning out my side of the computer desk in my office.  Some stuff I threw out, and other things I brought out to the Mancave.  This place still isn’t completely put together, but its getting there.  This week I’m planning to pickup a counter-top for the cabinet/drawer assembly.

The sign to the left was my Christmas gift from my Inlaws.  😀

3:30pm:  Just returned home from Walmart, LOL.  My once-every-3-years trip is complete.  I left the house to go to CompUSA to look for LCD TVs for the Cave, which I did.  But then after leaving I decided to go to Walmart and check their TV specials.  They have some good deals on their website, but nothing in the store.  The prices at CompUSA were actually better, and I’d rather give them my money anyway.  I did finally get some 32oz beer mugs that I have been wanting to pickup for a while.  Bought 3 32oz mugs for the Cave.